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Rules are as follow:

  1. Please use polite language when adressing a topic or responding.
  2. Please write your name and your first inital when you post a topic.
  3. When creating a post, please include in the title:
    • Unit and Chapter in the form of Unit 1 Chapter 1. The only exception is "Final Review"
    • Clearly written question, such as "Help with chapter 1 review #17 on the list" or "How do I graph a change on a supply graph due to natural disaster?"
    • It should look like: "Unit 2 Chapter 1; What is the difference between elastic and inelastic?
  4. When responding to a question, please be clear. Ways to be clearer include statements such as adressing a page in the book or another users answer from a different post.
  5. DO NOT POST ANSWERS TO THE HOMEWORK ONLINE. THIS IS A HELP FORUM TO HELP STUDENTS WHO ARE CONFUSED. YOU WILL NOT HELP A STUDENT BY TELLING THEM WORD FOR WORD THE ANSWER. Instead, refer to a page or part of the notes so the student can find the answer themselves. Steps to how to get to an answer, such as calculating the percentage profit/loss of a stock is acceptable, and only becomes unacceptable when you calculate it for them.

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